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The chapel of Archangel Michael

This small chapel was built in the 20th century. On 13th April 1945 the chapel was completed. It is singled aisled church with an inner arch. It is situated on the north side of the village, on a small hill.

It is made of adobes and it is white painted. Its yard is quite big, the floor is cemented and the fencing is composed of a small wall. There is also an entry for the visitors of the chapel. On the west side there is a cemented seat where the priest places the icon of Archangel Michael after the procession. There is no bell tower and its capacity is around 50 people. 

The iconostasis of the church is wooden and it has 5 icons. The icons are very old but in good condition as they were restored. The floor of the church is covered with old white slabs. The icon which is dedicated to Archangel Michael is placed on a special iconostasis and it is dated to 1909. There is another icon of the saint which is placed on the iconostasis next to the icon of Virgin Mary and it was painted in 1950 by the nuns of the monastery of Saint George Alamanos.

The icon of Saint George which is placed next to the icon of John the Precursor, on the left side of the temple is very old and it has an important chronological value. 

The main entrance of the church is on the south side and it has two windows. There is another door on the north of the church.

The chapel celebrates mass once a year, on 8 November, the feast day of Archangel Michael. 



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